Berserk-Online 3.0

Virtual card collection and strategy


  • Deep trading card strategy gameplay
  • Online play


  • Unoriginal fantasy setting
  • Poor interface design
  • Terrible English

Not bad

Berserk-Online is a trading card game that emphasizes online strategy play over traditional card play.

Trading card games started out with actual cards, and playing such a game online with no physical cards may seem a bit strange. The central part of Berserk-Online is battling with other players using the cards you have. Players have a limited budget to spend on your cards, which make up armies. Then, a turn-based strategy board game begins, with players fighting for supremacy.

If you're a newcomer to this type of game, Berserk-Online will be almost incomprehensible. It's complicated stuff, with an interface that is really unclear. The fantasy setting is completely standard and unoriginal, and isn't helped by very poorly written text throughout the game. Understanding the rules of Berserk-Online is very difficult because the English translations are pretty confusing!

Berserk-Online is a deep and complex card trading strategy game, but it's let down with dated presentation and badly translated English.



Berserk-Online 3.0

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